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Elite Prime Vision Launches the Powermax Tension Electric Roll-Up Screen

The PowerMax Tension is made from our premium CineWhite surface that displays flawless color balance so that your image is as close to perfect as possible.”

With masking borders and integrated tension tabs that surround all four sides, the PowerMax Tension electric screen ensures startling picture contrast; while the black backing adds an extra layer to the screen to prevent light leakage. It comes with floating brackets that slide through the channel of the back housing for effortless wall or ceiling installations. The tab tension system keeps the material flat and tight.

The PowerMax Tension is powered through an infrared or radio frequency remote, a detachable three-way wall switch or by synchronizing the screen through a projector’s 12V trigger. It comes with a complete set of IR and RF wireless and 12V trigger controls, as well as low voltage wire switches.